We Lost Dutch Freise ’48

Dutch Loved the Sigma Chis

Received word last night from Dan Susie ’68 that G.W. “Dutch” Freise ’48 passed away while on a cruise off the coast of Spain.  His health hadn’t been the greatest lately but he still kept a pretty hectic travel schedule.  Some poetic justice that he went from the cruise ship up to meet St. Peter.

Dutch loved Wabash, Ben Rogge, conservative values, Frank Sparks, private enterprise, conservative values, Hillsdale College, conservative values, Barbara his bride, and Joy his true friend and companion in later life.  Oh, did I mention conservative values?

Every visit with Dutch took on the same scenario.  We’d get together, he’d lambast me about something he didn’t like going on, then we’d talk like good friends do.  Life, family, Church, Wabash, etc.  He was a great friend, it turns out, to my namesake, Tom Mason ’47.  Uncle Tom was a Wally headed to Dental School with a permanent detour to a career as an Air Force pilot. Dutch would always ask about Tom’s widow, Aunt Margot.

Dutch made sure the new Sigma Chi house had the absolute finest kitchen setup possible. He also funded a scholarship to Wabash for young men from his neck of the woods.  He cared deeply about Wabash and what it offers young men.

Last time I saw Dutch he unloaded with both barrels on me.  It hurt.  Subject matter not important.  In the grand scheme of things, I hope Dutch didn’t pay any attention to my reaction.  I can be a h@#$ a%^ at times too.

Dutch – by now you’ve probably told St. Peter to get a real job, one in Industry.  I’ll bet he still let you in.  Thanks, my friend, for remaining so despite it all.

Dutch Freise – Some Little Giant.