Jane and Greg Castanias – Some Little Giants

Jane Castanias, President Pat White, Greg Castanias ’87

Last Friday evening, the National Capital Association of Wabash Men welcomed Chris and Pat White to Washington, DC to say “Thanks!”  The event was hosted by Jane and Greg at their beautiful Oakton, VA home.  When I say hosted, I mean all we had to do is show up!

Greg is currently serving as the President of the board of directors of the National Association of Wabash Men.  He’s been the most active and engaged president during my tenure at the college.  He’s traveled back to campus for many events not associated with formal board meetings and made other events around the country to demonstrate the on-going high level of engagement of the NAWM.  All of this is in addition to serving as a full time partner of Jones Day and teaching each week at the IU Law School.  His most important role – husband  and father to two gorgeous young ladies – he does superbly.

Jane has been truly exceptional as well.  She’s hosted numerous Wabash events and heard the same stories over and over, I’ll bet.  Her daughters always participate and they are simply stunning.  The GaBunge in me enjoys the time with them and watching them grow up – probably too quickly.

The Castanias Leading Ladies

Greg’s last meeting is this coming May.  I hope, in the days, weeks, and months that follow, he’ll get a chance to take a step back and get a few deep breathes as well.  He’s more than earned some serious recharge time.

To my friends Jane and Greg Castanias – many, many thanks!