Uncle Pete Would Be Mighty Proud

Jacob Pactor ’04

I traveled to Indianapolis yesterday to talk to some young alumni about a new idea for engaging our students as alumni – before they graduate.  We think the concept just might work.

I missed talking to Jacob Pactor ’04 at lunch because Jacob’s a teacher at Speedway High School and getting away for lunch is…well…not an option.  So I met Jacob at school.

I was lucky enough to catch the last 15 minutes of Jacob’s class.  In many ways, I was immediately back at Nolan Catholic in Ft Worth, Texas watching a pretty good teacher named…Bill Placher ’70..teach a high school Religion Class.  I’ve also seen Jacob’s uncle, Peter Pactor ’65 in the classroom there and he’s exceptional as well.

Jacob Pactor works with a student

Jacob is good…no great.  He has exactly the right DNA to get the best effort possible for young men and women.  Peter – you should be so proud!