Smile Train, Riley Hospital, Wabash College..and a few others

The Nation’s Christmas Tree

‘Tis the Season.  The Season of Giving.

A couple of days ago, I mentioned the Excellence Boys Charter School in New York.  What a great place for a gift.  Impact.  Targeted impact (sounds like a fighter pilot, I know.)

There are others…places where you feel like you’re investing.  Dedicated, focused efforts to make people and things better.

Smile Train is a Grunge favorite.  I think it’s because these kids get a second chance to make a first impression for the rest of their lives.

Riley Hospital is another.  After months of trying to find out what was wrong with my brother (many, many moons ago), the docs at Riley found it and fixed it.  They continue to do the same for kids today.  And in Grunge’s perfect world, kids never get sick.  So their mission at Riley is even more important to me.

Wabash College.  Just like Smile Train, just like Riley, and just like Excellence Boys, we are targeted…we produce young men better educated and equipped to lead in our world.  You can make a targeted gift here as well.  A scholarship, faculty support, athletics, you name it.  Pick a category…make your gift special and exactly where you want it.  I picked an internship fund, started by a classmate, for my gift this year.  I want our guys to have the ability to compete with anyone, anywhere.  Internships offer them a golden opportunity to hone their skills.

Hope you’ll join me – ‘Tis the Season.  Tell them the Grunge sent you.

Hot buttons to make a gift:

Wabash College

Smile Train

Riley Hospital

Excellence Boys Charter School

Grunge headed out for the Holidays.  See you in 2013!