Wabash – Witt – Homecoming

Wabash vs. Wittenberg

Wabash and Wittenberg is big enough.  Home or away.  The biggest rivalry in the North Coast Athletic Conference in football – by a large measure.  (The Monon Bell game aside, of course.)  Witt used to be king of the hill.  That was before Jake Knott ’03 and his friends arrived on the scene.  Since then every game has been a slugfest.

Witt scheduled Wabash for their Homecoming.  They have done that before.  I am sure there are some good reasons…I just can’t think of any. Regardless, a great crowd, beautiful weather, and a great football game made it special in every way.

Even better, I didn’t lose the bet and don’t have to wear a Wittenberg sweatshirt to work this week!