Chapel – Scott Himsel ’85

Scott Himsel ’85

Scott Himsel ’85 is the guy with at least 2.67 full time jobs.  Full time partner in a law firm.  Full time college professor at Wabash.  .67 full time as the Pre-law advisor to an ever-growing list of guys who, frankly, want to grow up to be a…Scott Himsel.

Making a point.

Last Thursday, Scott used the Summer 2012 decision by the US Supreme Court on Obamacare as a teaching opportunity.  No, he disguised it a lot better than I just did.  Something like Chief Justice John Roberts – Traitor or Conservative Supporter.  Bottom line – liberal arts teaching opportunity for Scott.

Himsel is a bright guy who makes our young men think out of the box.  But his classes are even better than that – the nature of his courses is that he can “make” our guys support, in thought and word, positions they oppose in real life.

Makes them think.  Makes them question.  Makes them communicate.  Wabash perfect.  Liberal Arts perfect.

As with all Chapels, we sing our hearts out at the end.

From the hills of Maine…