All Quiet Now..But Soon…

Hollett Little Giant Stadium

It’s all quiet now…but it won’t be for long.

When I was wandering the other day, I just happened by the football stadium.  And it seems so…quiet.

In a couple of weeks we’ll see the 2012 football team out there and the cross country guys taking on the alumni in the Finch Memorial Meet.  A couple weeks after that, Jay Fisher ’66 will roll into town with his 85′ long Ram pickup and grill that feeds 2,000.  Frank Kolisek ’82 and his lovely bride Lisa will be here…Jim and Susie Cumming down the way…Don Shelbourne and the “Land cruiser”.

And many, many more.

All will be right in the football world.

Oh, by the way.  Tailgate info on Hanover on the web shortly…we already have our reservations down in Madison…hope to see you there.