Another Wabash Road Trip 2012

Frank Ruvoli ’13 and Rudy Altergott ’13 are not the only Roa d Trippers this summer.

Greg Birk ’77 and Coach Rob Johnson H’77 made their way to the Olympic trials recently.  Greg took a little longer route – visiting with several Wabash alumni along the way.

Greg Birk '77 and Stephen Pavy '81

Greg stopped at the Joseph Phelps Winery in Napa Valley to catch up with Stephen Pavy ’81.  Stephen is the Director of Hospitality and Wine Education at the Winery.  Greg and Stephen are class agents for their classes and worked together in the Admissions office at Wabash.

Coach Rob Johnson H'77, Adam White '98, Matt Fleshman '98, and Greg Birk '77

At the Olympic Trials in Oregon, Coach Johnson and Greg caught up with former Wabash runners Adam White and Matt Fleshman.

Greg and his family continued the trip with their yearly stop in Colorado…