Why They Don’t Give Back…

Commencement 2012

Had an interesting exchange with a loyal alumnus this week.  He was explaining to me why he believes alumni don’t support the college.  His reasoning was that alumni from his neck of the woods don’t support Wabash because they think we don’t spend enough time and resources recruiting in their area.

I’ll add that one to the following:
1.   Wabash is not co-ed.
2.  Wabash is going co-ed.
3.  Wabash replaced C & T with EQ.
4.  Wabash isn’t the same as it was in my day.
5.  Wabash hasn’t kept up with the times.
6.  Wabash doesn’t need my support. (Only about 35% of our alumni make a gift each year.)
7.  My money goes to other places like American Cancer Society, Smile Train, others.  (Good point – glad you support them.  But send something our way.)

The bottom line here is simple, I believe.  Alumni before our time, whenever that was, felt that their Wabash education was important to their growth and success.  They then decided to invest in you and me.  Now it’s our turn.  Sure, Wabash isn’t perfect and never will be.  But those young men who graduated last weekend are ready to change the world.   They’ve studied in C’ville…and in Europe, Central America, and Africa.  They’ve interned with companies near and far.  They are headed to Georgetown, Chicago, and IU-Bloomington Law…and Eli Lilly as well as many other places under the sun.  Be proud of them…and keep “This Good Place” getting stronger and stronger.

Here’s the link…tell them a poor, dumb fighter pilot sent you.