And Then There Were None

Fran Hollett and Ginny Hays

I remember vividly walking into the Homecoming Alumni Chapel several years ago when the Wabash “Golden Girls” were quietly conversing – Fran Hollett and Ginny Hays.  Two of the greatest of Great Dames if ever there were.  Two of the most Honorary of Honorary alumnae…

Their Wabash husbands – legendary leaders – had helped make Wabash special.  If there was any unfinished business – and there always is – Ginny and Fran were here to do their share and more.  They touched the lives of generations of Wabash men…and their families.

In the Fall of 2008 we lost Ginny.  She simply went to bed one evening and woke up in heaven.  It was a tough Fall…made even tougher with her loss.

Last night we lost Fran.  No details yet…no details needed.  I have this vision of Barney Hollett and Ginny Hays standing next to St. Peter.  Ginny says “Just get your work done, St. Pete, we’ve got catching up to do.”

Wabash, the Sigma Chi house, football, Wabash men, their families…they meant the world to Fran.  And she meant the world to us.  We’ll miss her…