Two Must See Presentations

Two presentations coming up next week that are “must see” – both involve Wabash attorneys.

Frederick Whitmer '69

Frederick Whitmer ’69 is a well known and highly respected lawyer in New York City with the firm Kilpatrick Townsend.  Frederick will be on campus to talk with our Pre-Law guys about his book: Litigation Is War, Strategy and Tactics for Litigation Battlefield.  Frederick is a Columbia Law School graduate.

Not a Pre-Law “guy”?  No sweat.  Be there!  The presentation, including pizza for lunch, will be at 12:15 PM on Wednesday, October 26, 2011 in Hays Science Hall, Room 104.

Our other presenter is Greg Castanias ’87, who is with the international firm Jones Day in Washington, DC.  Many of you already know that Greg is the president of the board of directors of the National Association of Wabash Men.  What you may not know is he also served in a similar capacity on the board for the IU School of Law.

Greg Castanias '87

Greg will speak in Chapel on Thursday, October 27, 2011 at 11:10 AM.  Greg’s focus will be on the roles of Wabash alumni.  The details?  You’ll have to wait for the Sphinx Club email to know for sure.  Let me just say that I expect a boatload of students there!!!

Two Wabash attorney’s on campus in 24 hours…sharing their experiences and advice. Nice!



He Who Hesitates Is Lost…have a plan!

On Sale Now!

That’s right…now!  For those of you heading to Greencastle to take in the 118th meeting, Monon Bell game tickets are now on sale.  Click here for all the information.

If you’re one of those who prefer to watch somewhere other than Blackstock Stadium, you can find the location of all the Monon Bell telecast parties by clicking here.

For those of you wishing to do a little stroll down Monon Bell lane, click here for some interesting information.

A Long Life, Well Lived.

Vic Powell - Giant

Raymond Williams H’68 officiated at the Celebration of Life for Vic.  Marion and the family were all there.  A very nice crowd as well.

Early in his remarks Raymond used the term “a long life, well lived.”  Doesn’t that sum it all up?  Isn’t that what we all hope someone will say about us?

Today was a tough day for all of us.  You could see it in Raymond’s face and hear it in his voice.  His feelings are our feelings.  A sad day but a happy celebration of a great life.

I just kept thinking how lucky we all are that Vic’s two years at Wabash turned into 64. Sixty Four years with the love of his life AND the little College he grew to love.

A long life, well lived indeed.

Tailgate Prep – Inside View

The Wrap Van at Grunge's humble abode

Just finished loading her up.  Of course, cool tailgating always starts with a cool ride and we have the best!  It’s a great recruiting tool – people have followed us not parking lots to talk Wabash.

The business end

This is the “light load” option.  (No big grill.)  Will top off with food in the Cleveland/Oberlin area.

Carol, CincGrunge, is the brains behind the operation.  She always comes up with something different.

Wabash Wednesday

Steve Charles H'70 and Rick Warner










Yesterday, Wabash presented its second Wabash Wednesday.  Wabash Wednesday is a live, interactive conversation about your College.  You can tune in on the web and you can ask questions via social media or email.  Very cool.

Yesterday’s program featured Steve Charles H’70, our Magazine guru, and one of my favorites, Professor Rick Warner.  I think you’ll see from the replay (link below),  if you didn’t see it live, that Rick’s classroom is international and learning occurs every day and every hour of that day.

See Steve and Rick on YouTube here.

Wabash Day This Weekend

Wabash Day - Oct 15-16, 2011

It’s WABASH Day this weekend.  (I know – sounds strange for a “day” to be a “weekend”.)

But there’s nothing strange about WABASH Days intent – performing community service in your local area.  We have almost 35 different alumni groups: from Minneapolis, MN to Houston, TX and from San Francisco, CA to Washington, DC. Some projects are cleanups, some help Habitat for Humanity, and some are working in Food Banks. Regardless, it’s Wallies taking a little time, in their own communities, to make things better.  It doesn’t get better than that!

It isn’t to late to be a part of the movement.  Go to the Wabash Day website and find a project near you.

Dominique Thomas ’10 – That’s Lt. Thomas!!!

Lt. Dominique Thomas

When I think of Dominique Thomas and shooting, I think of Chadwick Court and basketball.  But those are the old days!

That’s Lt. Dominique Thomas, United States Marine Corps.  I’ll just call him “Sir”.  He was and is a special young man – who can forget that infectious smile.  He  probably has also added a “No s#$% / all business” look at well.

The few…the proud…the Little Giant Marines!

Fall…My Favorite Time of the Year

What a great time of year.

Took these yesterday morning…didn’t have to walk far.  Fall…football…tailgates…I am choosing to have the glass half full!

In front of Caleb Mills

Sometimes you just need to sit back and remember the main reason we exist…and it’s these guys.

Wabash Always Fights!!!




A Walk Around Campus

Senior Bench

Took the walk around campus this morning.  Too nice to stay inside.  Tyler Wade ’12, Sphinx Club president, said they would paint the bench last night…it looks great.

Some Little Giant


No dry eyes…even on the bench.

Of course, no trip complete without a stop at the Scarlet Inn.

"The" round table

Better get back to work.