Grunge Here – Mea Culpa!

So…here’s how it goes/went.

Once upon a time…the Grunge Report had 9 faithful readers…and the Grunge grew increasing challenged to think of anything new and of any interest.  So the Grunge saved some semblance of respect and quietly the Grunge Report morphed into…

And then my friend Howard Hewitt told the Grunge…!@#$%^&*()&(#^%!!!

OK – enough of that!!!

The Grunge Report is back! And an extra benefit is we’ve added a blog for alumni news as well.  So please, tune into the Alumni Blog to see who is in the news and come here for, as Howard says, a photo and a “snarky” comment or two from yours truly.

Thanks go to Howard for setting this up and to Kim Johnson for the great site.  She’s a master of Photoshop, if you can’t tell.  Those photos of the Grunge are almost…

See you tomorrow.  Thanks to you 9 for sticking with me…

  1. We’re really glad you’re back, Grunge!

  2. Thrilled to have Grunge back! First stop on my morning tour of the net.

  3. Greg Castanias '87

    I second what Jim said. The Grunge Report has been valued by thousands of alumni, who will welcome it back with open arms. Me especially.

  4. Ryan Daming (@Duster72)

    You should tweet links to your posts. More people are likely to read them that way. You should be able to set it up to happen automatically.

  5. Hey Grunge, sorry I’m been part of the silent majority of your fans. Glad you’re back.


  6. Echoing the thoughts of Jim. Always loved to check in and read these ramblings. Glad to see a return of this forum.

  7. hugh.vandivier91

    Tom, you’re too modest. You have one of the most and best read blogs on this site. And there are way more than me plus eight who regularly check things out. Welcome back, buddy!

  8. I’m so glad you are back!! 🙂 WAF!

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