Bill Berry ’66 Is In The House!

Bill and his lovely wife

Bill and his lovely wife Elly

Last night the Glee Club put on a great performance at a very nice Memphis retirement community.  Joining the Glee Club was Glee Club alumnus Bill Berry ’66 and his lovely wife Elly (who was an exchange student at Bill’s high school!)

Bill Berry-1196

Richard Bowen, our director, made sure Bill was right there for “Old Wabash” and “Alma Mater.” Bill boomed it out just like one of the guys.

Bill is the only Big Bash Chapel Sing leader to hold a perfect 2-0 record. He’ll put that on the line this coming June at his 50th Reunion when he goes for an unheard of 3-0.

It was great to see Bill decked out as a Glee Clubber from the 1960s…and, YES, that’s his blazer for his student days.