The Heart of This Good Place

The Chapel

The Chapel

If our campus is a living, breathing thing…which it is…then the heart must be the Chapel.  Every Big Bash includes several couples, and a lot of solos, who walk into the Chapel and just…well, you pick the term.  Is it “take it all in”, is it “pause and reflect”, is it “say a quick prayer”?  I don’t know the answer…or rather I am not sure of THE answer because, I think, there are as many answers as there are alumni.

The view from the Rhynie seats.

The view from the Rhynie seats

I sat just out of the frame on the left as a freshman.  Assigned seat.  Upperclassmen took attendance.  It was different then..for me.  Knowing I had to be there brought out a little of the rebel in me.

But now it’s different.  The day I took the lower photo I just kind of sat there for awhile.  I thought back to Richard Lugar talking.  I remember Vic Powell…Bill Placher…David Blix…Tobey Herzog..and a lot more.  Most of those are, unfortunately, from my staff days.

The evolution of Wabash is stark as I prepare to commence for the second and last time.  So many things have changed…but one thing remains the same, thank the Good Lord.  Today’s young men leave here equipped with the potential to change the world.  They have exceeded their own expectations…and they have a thirst for knowledge and learning that will drive them to accomplish many things.

That happened in the late 1960s and early 1970s when I was here, it happened in the early 1990s when son Chris was here, and it continues today.

Good things Happen in This Good Place.