Alumni Basketball – They Still Have It!

Wes Smith for the layup

Wes Smith for the layup

We had the Annual Alumni Basketball game a few days ago.  The alumni – many of them I knew as players during my time in Alumni and Parent Relations – took on select members of the varsity and JV teams.

The outcome, the leading rebounder, the top scorer..none of that really mattered.  Now, Andy Walsh was on fire, draining the first three long distance “threes” he took.  But he returned to being human in the second half.

The fun part is to see the level of competition.  Sure it’s a fun game.  Sure they aren’t in the shape they once were.  Sure….sure….sure.

But “Wabash Always Fights” and everyone gave their best, winded, haven’t-done-that-in-awhile effort.  The effort shown by the alumni was matched by our current players.  They were not about to give a game to those “old guys.”

Modeling alumni behavior..including WAF!!!

You gotta’ like it.

Alumni in attendance - players and fans

Alumni in attendance – players and fans