Happy Holidays!

In snowier times

In “snowier” times

Happy Holidays from the Grunge!  Whatever your faith, I hope this is a time of giving, thankfulness, joy with family and friends, and a little bit of reflection as well.  If you’re traveling, travel safe.

As I close in on my departure from Wabash, I continually reflect on what has been the same over my 16 years back at the college.  In 1999, the Class of 1991 sat right in the middle of the young alumni spectrum.  This spring they will be back for their 25th reunion! Go figure!  Time has marched on, for sure.

An unchanged part is the profound impact this good place has on the young men who call Wabash home for four years.  An unchanged part includes a faculty ever-devoted to getting those young men to push themselves in learning and in leading.  An unchanged part is a coaching staff that places an emphasis on being all you can be – in every phase of your life.  An unchanged part is a staff who are working side-by-side with the faculty in a partnership of teaching life skills.

The faces change but the experience just keeps getting better and better for these young men.

I hope you feel good about Wabash and you believe this is an institution worthy of your interest and investment.  If so, do me three simple favors:

1.  Check the Honor Roll here to make sure you’re “in” for this fiscal year (July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016.)  There’s nothing wrong with a second gift this year, by the way.

2.  Check the Honor Roll for a classmate who is a friend.  If he’s on there, thank him with a quick note.  If he isn’t, send him to step three.

3.  Make a gift.  It’s super easy online – here is the web site.  You can also mail a gift: Wabash College, Advancement Office, PO Box 352, Crawfordsville, IN, 47933.   Every gift counts.

Thanks for all you do for our college!


These young men can change the world!