Coaching in their DNA

Rusty Nichols '63

Rusty Nichols ’63

I caught this photo of Rusty Nichols ’63 at our most recent basketball game versus Wooster.  Rusty found a space up behind the students where he could watch…and pace…and do a little mental coaching, I’ll bet.  He spent the first half up there….doing what all coaches do.


Mac Petty H’82

Rusty wasn’t the only one there.  Mac Petty H’82 also attended…as he almost always does.  He has that same seat…last row next to the camera guys.  I caught this one as the team was finishing a time out.  I am pretty sure Mac was doing a little mental motivation as well.

There is a part of me that feels like I was trespassing when I took those shots.  I thought back to the football team at Arlington…and standing to the side by myself at the Tomb of the Unknowns.  I was there…but I was occupied.

Rusty and Mac were occupied as well.  But the bottom line is pretty simple – they care…deeply.  Sure there’s the coaching DNA…for sure.  But those two guys also love Wabash and the student-athletes who represent Wabash on the court.  They have both been there…it is, and will be, forever a part of them…