Ryan Vaughn ’00 – Callings and Awards

Ryan Vaughn '00

Ryan Vaughn ’00

Ryan Vaughn’s “Callings” talk – Chase the mission, not the money – was unbelievably good.  Ryan described his journey in many of the same ways classmate Jeremy Bird ’00 did in an earlier Callings presentation.

Ryan’s journey looks like, in his words, “someone who couldn’t hold a job.”  However, his explanation clearly presents a search for opportunities to help people and his community.  His path also reinforces the fact that doing a good job in the position you hold opens doors for future growth and development.


Great advice for our young men

I couldn’t help but think how many people sets their sights on a salary figure and not on a calling or mission.  Ryan clearly outlined why the search for work one is passionate about is paramount.

Rick Cavanaugh '76 and Ryan Vaughn

Rick Cavanaugh ’76 and Ryan Vaughn

Before Ryan began his talk, Rick Cavanaugh ’76, the President of our Alumni Board, presented the Young Alumnus Award to Ryan.  Originally scheduled for Homecoming, a death in Ryan’s family prevented his attendance.  As it turned out, his award citation was a great opening to his talk and reinforced what a remarkable young man he is.

Ryan Vaughn – truly Some Little Giant!