Chapel Talk – Professor Rich Woods

Rich Woods

Rich Woods

Professor* Rich Woods gave the Chapel Talk yesterday morning.  As soon as I saw the title – “Taking a Walk In The Dumb A** Zone” – I knew I had to be there.  (I’ve traveled the path through that zone more times than I care to count.)

Rich didn’t disappoint.  Straight talk from one of the most respected people on campus.  I’ll not give away any gems – watch it on You Tube, including his ending!

Every liberal arts education includes a class on the “zone”.  In a lot of places, you don’t get the luxury of someone telling you, in straight talk, how to avoid staying in the zone too long or falling right into the center.   Most places you’re in the zone usually without a wingman.  At Wabash, Rich Woods in ALWAYS your wingman.  That doesn’t mean all sins are immediately forgiven.  It means Rich truly understands and he sees his teaching role as minimizing a young man’s opportunity to stay too long in the “zone”.


Rich Woods - Some Little Giant

Rich Woods – Some Little Giant

* Professor- Quick definition.  A teacher of the highest rank.