Summer Is Officially Over!

Chapel 540

The Wabash Chapel

Summer is over.  Done.  Time to get serious about studies…and football…and homework…and soccer…and pledgeship…and cross country…and meeting new friends…and developing those life-long relationships that will form a big part of life for the next 80 years or so.

Sure, this week there are still some open parking slots and the cars of the students haven’t taken all of the end slots.  But it will happen.

The Phi Psi fire alarm hasn’t gone off in weeks…but it will happen.

The senior bench still says “05 Rules!” but my gut tells me that will change within 10 days.

You can still catch a shot of the Mall like the one above…but those days are numbered.

The Wabash Class of 2015 is “out there”…finding their way in the world.  The Wabash Class of 2019…that’s 2019…will officially start on Saturday.

Times change….but they also remain the same.

Yesterday I found myself in a meeting with two other Wabash men – Class of 1985 and Class of 1997.  We agreed on one very fundamental thing – just like Wabash did in “our” day, it still does today.  It takes young men and pushes them to exceed even their highest standards.  You can have all kinds of names for it – diamonds in the rough, untapped potential, etc.  Bottom line is simple – the guys in the class of 2019 will be leaders and agents of change when they leave.

We get the best seat in the house.  We get to watch it happen.  Day in and day out.

Just like Jonah Woods ’18.  Jonah is working this summer with IT.  He came to my office to install my new computer.  It gave me a chance to get to know Jonah.  We talked about Wabash, cross country, and a number of other topics.  He’s articulate and thoughtful and he took the computer install seriously…like we’d expect.

I’ll miss the more casual dress but I’m ready for the guys to be back!