The Class of 2005



The Class of 2005 had an incredible turnout at the Big Bash – 55 class members signed in.  The Grunge thought the record set by the Class of 1996 back in 2006 – 40 alumni returning – would stand for a long time.  Not so.

Key ingredients – blindingly simple.  Strong leadership, active living unit representatives, and constant communication.  No rocket science involved but activity definitely required.

There was a little back and forth with the Class of 1985 on the bench painting but ’05 did, in fact, rule!



There’s another reunion lesson here – beautifully done by the class.  Despite the fact that they are only 32 years old, they’ve already lost classmates.  Tony Lobdell and Ken Rudolph are mentioned on the bench.  You’re never too young or too busy to spend a little time getting back together with the guys you shared Wabash with in your Golden Age.  We all have an expiration date but none of us know when that will be.  Don’t leave a reunion on the table…