Big Bash – Behind the Scenes


Two of the Four Trucks full of rentals needed for the Big Bash

That’s Bon appetit’s Kecia Tatman directing traffic for two trucks full of rental equipment for the Big Bash.  At two other locations on campus, rental equipment and tents are going up.  It’s a busy day here as we prepare for the Big Bash.

We could see a couple of records set this weekend.  The Class of 1965 looks to set a new 50th reunion record…if they can get their guys to sign the book.  The Class of 2005 is also poised to set…no, really explode…the record for a 10th reunion.  That record stands at 40 and they have 56 guys registered.

We’ll have another record set…but we’ll leave that for better times.

All in all, over 325 expected back for the Big Bash…almost 100 of those registered after the deadline!