Who Is That With The Glee Club?

Rob Shook '83

Rob Shook ’83

Rob Shook ’83 loved his time at Wabash, especially performing as part of the Glee Club.  When Richard Bowen looked at traveling to Texas over spring break, Rob jumped in with both feet to help plan the entire trip.

Many of the venues hosting the Glee Club performances came about because of Rob’s connections in the San Antonio and Austin areas.  Weekly conference calls…multiple updates to the travel planning documents…fun extras like indoor skydiving… all happened with Rob’s help.

Rob traveled to campus to rehearse and took the week away from work to travel and perform. (Heck, he was even a part of the T-Tones!)  Here he is at the Alamo as the guys prepared to perform.

Rob will take over as the Vice President of the alumni board in May-he’s an alumni leader at every level.

Rob Shook – Some Little Giant!



This blog is authored by a poor, dumb fighter pilot.  You 10 loyal readers know that.

So, when I want to include well written stuff, I go to guest authors.

This comes straight from Facebook and it’s by Jennifer Kerner.  I don’t yet know Jennifer…but she has captured what I hear from a lot of young ladies (certainly CINC Grunge, my lovely bride) associated with “This Good Place.”

“I can say that the “return on investment” not only applies to Wabash men, but their future families, as well. As the daughter and sister of Wabash men, I feel very much a part of the Wabash family. While I couldn’t attend the college, my experience attending Wabash events from childhood shaped my own educational and professional decisions. Professors and staff of Wabash College made themselves available to me with regards to discussing my own future plans. Even though I am not a graduate of Wabash College, I highly recommend this institution to others given all that the college has done for my father, my brothers, and myself. That’s not something that can be said about many institutions of higher learning.”


Sweet Briar College – Closing

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 12.11.44 PM

Sweet Briar Closing after 114 years

Sweet Briar College – a small liberal arts college for young ladies located in rural Virginia, is closing this coming August.

They had a number of challenges – a small endowment, declining enrollment, and increasing costs associated with filling their classes.

This wasn’t unexpected – the college’s leadership had been wrestling with financial challenges for a period of time.  However, it still is a shock to their students and all their alumnae.  They had a recognizable name and a history spanning over 100 years – but those won’t keep the doors open.

“What does this have to do with the ‘Bash?” you loyal 10 might ask?  Nothing…I hope.  But we all need to be aware that we can’t sit by on the sidelines and settle for status quo when it comes to our college.  If we aren’t growing and getting stronger, we’re going in the other direction.

The Grunge prefers the former and hope you’re onboard.

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A Season To Build Upon


Daniel Purvlicis Against DePauw

In something akin to the first-ever college Div 1 playoffs, the fourth-seeded Tigers from DePauw were the NCAC conference tournament champions, earning a first-ever trip to the playoffs.

Also selected to the playoffs were Ohio Wesleyan and Wooster.  Three NCAC teams in the tournament – might be a first.

What do all of those teams have in common?  Wabash beat them all!!!

In his first season at Wabash, Coach Kyle Brumett set the bar high.  Wabash went from 8-17 last year to 18-9 this year with a 3rd place finish in the conference regular season standings.

The future is bright for the Wabash roundballers.