Honors Rolling – Parents Panel

The Parents Panel

The Parents Panel

The Parents Panels at Honors are always good sessions – and this morning’s sessions were no different.

Parents included Beth Bell, Jim and Susan Dyer, and Hank and Patsy Webber-Hunt.

Beth captured the essence of Wabash in a single word – “transformative.”  Beth stated that she works with a Wabash alumnus who credits Wabash with giving him the skills to become a legal expert AND scholar.  Beth sees the same thing happening to her son, a sophomore here.

Patsy added another perspective.  She stated that Wabash students are a group of winners.  And winners, she went on, encourage others to win.

On a lighter note, I talked to one young lady here during the reception.  She mentioned it was her grandson looking at Wabash.  Wow I thought…that’s me in only a couple of years…