This photographer had an off night!

bad photo-6534

Marcus Kammrath gets a dunk!

Some days you’re the windscreen and some days you’re the bug.  I was so the bug Tuesday night.

Here’s the first dunk I have seen Marcus do in a game.  Notice the great focus…on the Allegheny fan just to the right.  That’s the way to capture a moment, don’t you think?

But it wasn’t just a “sneeze” of the shutter before I had focus…no it was a full head cold kind of night.

bad photo-6549

Kasey Oetting on the fast break

Here’s Kasey on the fast break.  If you look closely, I had Kyle Aiton, Daniel Purvlicis, and Austin Burton all in focus…  That takes a lot of skill, if you are trying to do that.  However, I was supposed to be focused on Kasey.  (Maybe I need a new camera?)

But there’s a educational lesson buried deep in my off night.  Like flying, like sports, like a lot in life, the next “game” is a new game – the card will be empty and the slate will be clean.  But that’s not all – you must learn from your mistakes.  And I, hopefully, learned a lot Tuesday night!

Go Bash!