Burt Carlson ’59 – Phil Major

Burt Carlson '59

Burt Carlson ’59

The College has been offering a program titled “Callings”.  A more practical title is “What do I do with that?”

Burt came back to campus to talk about his Philosophy major.  Now, Burt didn’t have a Grunge-type educational experience here.  He belonged to two fraternities – Phi Beta Kappa and Summa Cum Laude – that I didn’t even know existed.  Grad school?  Yale.

If you didn’t know Burt majored in Philosophy, listening to his talk you might have guessed Economics or Political Science.  Didn’t take either one.  But his Philosophy degree, coupled with that good, old liberal arts background, gave him the credentials he needed for a multifaceted, difference-making career.

He’s now sort of retired.  Not working but up every morning at 5:30 AM…writing poetry.  Goal?  Get published.

Burt credits his success back to his Wabash experience – loves learning, loves exploring new things, doesn’t like to be bored, likes new challenges.

I’m at the twilight of a mediocre career…but Burt inspired me…and he did the same for a lot of our current Philosophy majors.

Sun King Wins More Medals!


A Gold and a Silver for Sun King!

Omar Robinson ’60 and his son Clay ’97 just came away from The Great American Beer Festival with two more medals…

That makes a total of 15 medals they’ve won…since 2010!  Can you say Beer Dynasty!

You can read the article here.  (Thanks to Art Howe ’82 for the news alert.)


These Guys Are GOOD! Wabash Soccer

Wabash Soccer Rocks!

Wabash Soccer Rocks!

Spent some time Sunday afternoon shooting the soccer, team.  Wow!

As I rounded the corner I thought there was still some tailgating going on from yesterday’s football game.  No, it was our soccer fans.  Now, that’s a change, I thought.

It took less than one minute to see what a huge difference Coach Chris Keller has made as a coach.  He’s recruiting talented young men who know soccer and they are all in great shape…great shape.  They are also intense…winning every ball is a priority for this crew.

Hope you’ll catch these Little Giants in action – you’ll be very, very proud!


As Long As Life Shall Last


Greg Estell ’85

Greg Estell ’85 is the president of the board of directors of the National Association of Wabash Men.  He’s continued the tradition set by his predecessor of reaching out to every constituent in the alumni body, including our current crop of students.

In his Chapel talk, Greg shared some of his thoughts about life as an alumnus and, just as important, beginning to think about that life while you are still a student here.  If Wabash is for life, as Greg suggests, then you don’t wait to develop alumni contacts once you’ve graduated.  You start here…on campus…now.


Greg asked the group to stand a take a good look around the Chapel.  He said the bonds that bind us together exist right here in the Chapel.  Faculty to students…students to staff and coaches…students to students.

It was a lesson well worth reviewing, especially at “This Good Place.”