It’s Almost Movember

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This isn’t directly about Wabash.  But, there’s a STRONG Wabash connection.

Enter the Grunge ’71 – prostate cancer patient.  Enter his classmate and friend Trey Holland ’71…Doctor…urologist.  The middle chapters read like analysis…biopsy…diagnosis…surgery.

Trey shoots straight with Grunge – Grunge shoots straight with Trey.  Grunge takes a very analytic path to treatment – rip the @#$%^&* thing out and the sooner the better.  Trey does exactly that.

That was 8 years ago.  Grunge is a prostate cancer survivor…thanks to Trey.

So, MOVEMBER is special to the Grunge.

I won’t beg you to make a gift.  But, if you want to join me in support this cause, please do.  Here’s the web address – I’m already in for this Movember.