Top Companies Have Top Leadership

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Includes Apparatus, Sun King, and Hannapin

Think about the following numbers for just one second.  Imagine three-year growth rates of 362%, 100%, and 89%.  What do those companies have in common?  Wabash leadership!

Sun King – 362%

Hannapin Marketing – 100%

Apparatus – 89%

This is great news for those companies and for our alumni involved.

Speaking of those alumni, I thought it might be interesting to “explore” what these guys majored in while at Wabash.

At Sun King, the father-son duo is Omar ’61 and Clay ’97 Robinson.  Omar was an Economics major while Clay majored in Speech.

At Hannapin, Pat East ’00 was an English major.

At Apparatus, founder/CEO Kelly Pfledderer ’96 was a German major and President Aman Brar ’99 was Economics and Religion.

Study what you’re passionate about and do what you love!  Pretty good recipe, right out of the liberal arts cookbook.