One Guy CAN Make A Difference – Jim Dyer ’83

Jim Dyer '83

Jim Dyer ’83

That’s Jim Dyer ’83 in the hat.  That’s the St. Louis group at Anne and Tom Walsh’s ’83 home thanking Jim, and his lovely wife Susan, for all they have done.

That wasn’t the standard golf clap -that was a “Thanks from the heart” and “Hope you and Susan will come back.”

St.. Louis has always been a good alumni group…but Jim Dyer took it to a whole new level.  Great communication…mix of the types of events…encouragement of the younger alumni to be a part of it…it all worked.  And it worked because Jim Dyer simply would not accept another outcome.  Not the strong arm approach some have tried…but the true mentor approach.  The “I love Wabash and I know you do too…let’s do this” approach.

And St. Louis is not the only place Jim’s touch has changed…he’s been the chief architect of a new approach in the Phi Delt fraternity.

And, Susan, wonderful young lady that she is, has been at his side for all of it.

So, we don’t lose them, for sure.  Jim and Susan will be moving to the northern Indianapolis area soon…and son Tom is in the Class of 2018.

We talk about changing lives at this Good Place…Jim Dyer has been doing that AND changing this Good Place for the better.  Jim Dyer – Some Little Giant!