Chris Doty ’06 – Officially a “Raider”

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Once a Marine…always a Marine…

Trustee Mac McNaught ’76 sent me the information on the USMC announcement about their Special Operations Command.  Mac also noted that our own Captain Chris Doty ’06 is now officially a “Raider.”

A couple of thoughts run through my head.

“Special people do special things” is one of them.  To belong to this elite group you need to be extraordinary…in a number of ways.

“It won’t be easy – it will be worth it.”  When you’re called to be the best you can be…you don’t want it to be easy…you want the tasks to be as tough as possible.  Like these Marines…

“It’s not for everyone.”   Certainly isn’t.  But where would we be without the Marine Corps or these talented professionals?

Those should sound familiar.  Wabash is pretty far removed from the Marine Corps…but in a lot of ways…Little Giants are Raiders as well.