Walk About – I Wonder…


THE Chapel


The early morning fog…coupled with an inability to stay in bed this AM…gave me the excuse to do a Croc. Dundee “walkabout”.

In the back of my mind was the thought that next week the guys who play fall sports begin to arrive and practice.  NEXT WEEK!  Where did summer go?

Of course, the first stop always seems to be the Chapel…the fog and the sprinklers tried their best….but the Chapel is the Chapel…and it’s always visible….it is the cornerstone, after all, of “this good place”.  I wonder…how many alumni will come back this year and grab a little quiet time for themselves in the Chapel?  How many alumni will get married?  And, in the circle of life, how many Memorial Services?

The Senior Bench

The Senior Bench

Of course, I had to stop at the Senior Bench.  These two wait patiently for what they know will be another long fall season of “decoration.”  How many coats of paint will these guys get?  How many seniors will find a time, as the year progresses, to catch a quick moment of reflection sitting between these two guardians?

Forest Hall

Forest Hall

Forest Hall is in the midst of getting it’s yearly coat of paint – preparing to take on another Hoosier winter.  You have to wonder – how many coats of paint has Forest Hall had in its lifetime?

Rounding the corner…another Wabash landmark is calling…my desk and computer…