Grunge to Ga’Bunge

Center Hall-2370

Iconic Center Hall

It’s that time of the year again (not the end of the fiscal year – already covered that one. BTW – are you on the Honor Roll?)

The Runge clan tradition is a July 4th get together somewhere…

This year the centerpiece will be a Disney cruise on the “Wonder” (I am the guy down on the corner of Pike and Washington selling pencils later today!!!)

That will follow 3 days of sightseeing in Vancouver, CA.  Temperatures up that way just a tad bit cooler than down here.

Are we excited?  Sure.

The crew totals 16…including 6 adults.  That leaves almost a football team at or under 16 years old.  I gave up on 5-Hour Energy….looking for the 5-Day version.

So, you may get a short post or two from GaBunge while I’m out and about.

New year pledge is to do a much better job of keeping the Report current…  If I can’t we’ll just close her down.  I haven’t bee very good with posting lately – fully realize that.



The Disney Wonder