The W Rides with “W”


That’s W43 on the left and Gary Paul Moore on the right – white shirt with red “W” and red shorts

Mike Dill ’71, a great American, sent me the photo and a “guest post” from Gary Paul Moore ’04.

Gary Paul says:

“The picture was taken last month during the Bush Center’s W100 event held at President Bush’s ranch in Crawford, TX.  I volunteered at the event this year along with a couple of other guys from Amarillo (the W100 event was held in Amarillo and nearby Palo Duro Canyon 2 years ago, which is how we got involved with it as part of the organizing and planning committee.)  On the particular day that the photo was taken, I rode my bicycle with the lead group of wounded vets and President Bush and I assisted the vets along the trail.  I was really fortunate to be involved and included in the event.  Here is the link to the event, which gives you an idea about its purpose:

One quick story:  2 years ago when the event was here in Amarillo I rode the trails just ahead of President Bush and the group…my job that day was to clear the trail and alert the other volunteers that the riders were on their way.  I stayed ahead of the group, but stopped at an aid station to wait for the group to get some water.  President Bush decided not to stop, though, so I had to ride past him to get ahead on the trail.  As I passed him he noticed my Wabash cycling clothing, which has a big “W” on the back of my shorts.  He started laughing and said to the riders around him “Look at that, he’s got a ‘W’ on his butt!”  Everyone, including me, thought it was pretty funny.

As a side note, I always wear my Wabash clothing when I ride my bike or do any races.  It’s highly visible and unique.  I actually just wore my Wabash gear 2 weeks ago at an ironman race in The Woodlands, TX, and several people shouted out “Go Wabash” throughout the day.”

Thanks for caring Gary Paul and thanks for sharing Mike!