Finals Week Is Here!

Beta bench front sm

The Senior Bench Featuring the Beta Seniors

Today’s the first day of finals week…the beginning of the end…before the new beginning for seniors.

The Beta seniors took the opportunity recently to paint the bench…for what might be the final time before they paint it…as alumni.

beta back sm

Names on the back

My guess is the paint job will last about as long as the tulips do…in other words, gone before Commencement.  But it just doesn’t matter.  You see, they have painted the bench and celebrated it.  What happens next doesn’t matter.

Just like the bond they share.  It’s there and it will last forever.  Lives will change, people will go in 4,583 different directions.  But the bonds – Class of 2014, Betas, football team, soccer, Lambda Chi, Sphinx Club, Phi Delt, Theater – will last forever.

This good place…roots grow here…Wabash is always going to be a home for these young men.  Not as students, though, but as Wabash men.