Wabash Night in Shanghai, China – Guest Post

Wabash Night in China

Kip Chase ’03, who is now in China in a leadership role for Eli Lilly, provides this report.

“Hi everyone –
Writing to share some highlights from the first ever W Night in Shanghai.  Attached is our group photo…we had a great turnout and had Wallies join us from Indianapolis, Crawfordsville, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai.  We even had a recruit from Nanjing.  It was global, exciting and fun…and in typical Wabash fashion we ended with a night cap sitting outside surrounded by 100 year old buildings and 100 story skyscrapers.

I’d share there is a lot of energy to help recruit future students from the group that attended…definitely let us know how we can engage and help over here.

Attendees included:
David Broecker
Christopher Broecker
Tian Tian
Ben Humphries
Seth Ditchcreek and his terrifc wife
Paul Liu
Chris Beebe
Shengshuang Zhu
David Birrer
Kip Chase

Prospective Student – Meng Fen and his family.

It was a night of stories, laughs and smiles.  Hope everyone is well back on campus.

WAF – Kip”