Winter Storm – It’s “Cool” in C’ville!

The View at Grunge’s House

The College was closed, as most of you know, Monday and Tuesday of this week.  Nasty temperatures and plenty of the white stuff.

Monday was an interesting day.  Seems the Swimming team is “stuck” in Fort Lauderdale, FL, because their flight back to Indy was cancelled.  They can’t get home until Friday.  I thought about hopping in an airplane to “cover” their ordeal but a friend could not get from Indy to Miami either so that wouldn’t have worked.

The high there yesterday was a balmy 58 degrees down there…so I sure hope they are working out at an indoor pool!

Headed down 231 in a few…stay warm.


No Flip-Flops Today!

Make sure you look at Sunday through Tuesday!

Where are we?  Alaska?  No. if we were in Fairbanks right now, the temp. would be 9 degrees…

Nope – just a northern floating down from Canada for the next couple of days in Indiana.  No students here but clearly no flip flips if they were here.  Maybe winter coats and shorts…but with boots.

We picked today for an office cleanup day…a chance to get things cleared up before the semester begins.

We’re at the stage where we can’t wait for the guys to get back and to see the place rocking again.

Hope you had a great Holidays and some rest and relaxation.

Sky King Turning 21!

Sky King – Wabash class of 2015

Sky King ’15 is turning 21 over break.  He’s got a little campaign going for his 21st – you can help by buying Sky a “drink.”

Now, you know…any guy whose name is Sky King is cool…right?  But this is even cooler than cool.  No more giving it away…just click here for the link.