Alumni Boards Welcome Students Back

IAWM board member Hugh Vandivier ’91, second from left, and NAWM board member Ross Dillard ’07, center, talk to students

Members of the National Association of Wabash Men (our alumni board) and the Indianapolis Association of Wabash Men (our largest regional group) gathered on a cold and windy Saturday at the Great Hall to welcome all of our young men back to campus. ¬†An easy-going meal of steak sandwiches, Chicago style hot dogs, and “Maco-cheese” matched an informal chance to catch up with our students.

NAWM president Greg Estell ’85 summed it up best: “The guys have just started back to class and this opportunity gave our boards a chance to meet, greet, and provide any assistance we could.”

NAWM board member Joe Trebley ’01

The NAWM and IAWM boards have been very good at modeling engaged alumni behavior – well done!