The Grunge Is Back

492 Tactical Fighter Squadron in Denver, CO

“Booger” was there.  “Chainsaw” was there.  So were “Too Kool” and “Scowler”…and “G-man” and “Mo” and “Hoss”…and others.  The Bolar reunion was a hit.

The bowler lineup.

Bolar = our flying call sign.  Bowler is the hat of choice.  It’s tradition.  The 492 Tactical Fighter Squadron, nickname the “Madhatters”, wears a “lid” from the hosting country.  England = bowlers.

Rule:  better have your bowler on at a formal squadron party or your tie gets cut off.  No problem this time – as you can see from the lineup.

Note: just like Wabash guys, Bolars marry well above themselves.

Once again I was reminded of the importance of reunions.  All of the pre-reunion worries melt away in 13 nano-seconds.  You’re back together again and that’s all the counts.  Best IP?  Worst pilot?  FWIC WSO?  Top Gun?  Rank?None of that matters at all.

What matters are the friendships developed  in a land 3,000 miles away and over 20 years ago.  Those memories all come flooding back.

So, Wabash friends.  When it’s Big Bash time, think about coming back for the simple reasons of a place that changed you and the people who made that same trip and have been friends for life.  That’s all you need.