Do You Remember Yours?

Registrar Julie Olsen explains some requirements.  That’s Tobey Herzog H’11 on the right.


Senior Check Out Meeting.  This year, this past Tuesday.

In the Fall of 2009, they all thought these next few weeks would never get here.  Now they are a blink away from that real world – the one with rent payments, grocery store visits, dental plans, 401Ks (hopefully), car repairs, spouses, partners, kids, tuition payments…

But they enter a world much, much smaller than the one I entered.  Most of them will have multiple career fields.  Most of them will travel or live overseas.  All of them, I hope, will change the world…for the better.


The Class of 2013?  Good guys.  I have come to know them well. YOU, Wabash alumnus, parent, or simply friend, can be proud of them and what “this good place” has done with their DNA.

The Vehicles In the Lot

The Lot This Morning

In a conversation yesterday, Steve Charles reminded me of a sage observation about Wabash men – look at their vehicles.  You get a sense of who they are from the vehicles they drive.

Thought of that this morning driving in from Lafayette.  Had to take a couple of photos in the lot behind us where several of our students keep their “rides”.

Trucks…Jeeps…Toyotas…a Pontiac for good measure.  Further down you’ll find a Mustang and a Mercedes Benz station wagon from more than a few years ago.

Had to include this next shot.  It shouts a lot of things.  You can fill in your own caption.

Grunge’s bumper sticker on his “ride” says “My other ride is an F-111F”… but that sticker is really fading…

Guest Post from Eriks Janelsins ’02

Received an email from Eriks following a casual get-together Monday, April 1, in Pittsburgh.  Dwight Watson and some of the cast from Wabash’s upcoming production of Jitney were there for a reading at the August Wilson Center.  Here’s Eriks’ report:


Had a GREAT evening in Pittsburgh last night. I think we had 9 alumni or friends of the college in attendance (which was a little lower than I had hoped), but the students were just incredible. Their performance was powerful. One gentlemen associated with the August Wilson Center stood up at the end and said that they did August Wilson proud. Local actors were inspired by the intensity in which our students approached the play.

Afterwards, we all gathered for a couple hours at a local brew pub and talked about Wabash and the play and Pittsburgh. The students were engaging, circulated to all alumni, and their pride in what they delivered was obvious (and well deserved). Two things I loved about the social time: 1.) Members from the August Wilson Center joined the celebration and students did a great job sitting and talking with them and also reaching out to the alumni. They seemed to be soaking it all in- Pittsburgh, August Wilson, and Wabash. 2.) The bus driver that transported our students to Pittsburgh joined the group and I watched the students sit and talk with him all evening as well. They wanted him to feel part of the group.

 One of those evenings that confirms in your heart what is right with Wabash.

Eriks – great summary, my friend.

Eriks is also one of those guys who makes you proud of Wabash. Eriks lives and works in Wheeling, WV where he is president of the Oglebay Foundation.  He makes the commute to Pittsburgh, an hour each way, to participate in Wabash events whenever possible.  He also now serves on the Board of Directors of the NAWM.


New Book by Chris Petruzzi ’72

Chris Petruzzi’s new book, cover above, looks to be a very interesting read.  Here is the beginning of the description on the back cover:

“As the Bride of Christ, the body of Christian believers has been called to serve Him. One aspect of this calling is that we are God’s instrument to change the world. is book addresses the question of how Christians should go about facilitating that calling.

Politics is the process through which some people attempt to prevail over others for the control of government. Is that what Christ wants for his holy people, or is the lure of politics an attempt to bring us into Satan’s world?”



Shawn Townsend ’74 on Jeopardy – April 2, 2013

Wabash Alumnus Shawn Townsend

Wabash will be represented tomorrow night as Shawn Townsend ’74 will be on Jeopardy.  Shawn is a member of Sigma Chi – Mark Dewart ’74 told me I HAD to mention that when Mark sent me the scoop.

Evidently, the competition is extremely keen just to make it on to the show.

First question: “Who is Wally Wabash?”

Good Luck Shawn!