“God, I Love Wabash” – Pat White

Pat White’s Invocation – “God, I Love Wabash”

April 25, 2013.  It was Pat White’s last Chapel talk.  A great crowd and a great message.  Grunge will not spill the beans – you’ll have to look it up and watch it, the whole “it”, on You Tube.

This poor, dumb fighter pilot has no business pretending to be a historian.  Got it.  But the Grunge’s recollection of the era of 2006-2013 will be one of Pat and Chris White and their absolute love of Wabash students and the greater community.  Pat loved the opportunity to teach and learn with Wabash guys.  Chris was equally engaged using her professional training as a nurse and her love of people.

Pat White makes a point

At the end…when Pat said “Always Means Always” it was crystal clear to me that their lasting memories will be good ones filled, overflowing actually, with students-turned-men who outperformed every expectation and changed the world.

The Standing “O”

Jeremy Wentzel ’14, Student Senate president, took to the podium and gave a warm, heartfelt student thanks to Pat and Chris.  He then declared them lifetime members of the Student Senate.

Jeremy Wentzel ’14 Congratulates the Whites


Jeremy then turned the tables and had the Student Body ring out the Whites.  A Great Moment.

The Students Ring Out The Whites

A Great Couple

“Dear Old Wabash”

Pat and Chris.  It isn’t “Goodbye” – it’s “Until we meet again.” You’ll always be in our hearts.  We are better for having known you!

“Always” Means “Always”.