Senior Jimmy Kervan

Sphinx Club President Jimmy Kervan ’13

That’s Jimmy Kervan ’13 coaching up the pledges at a basketball game this past winter.  Jimmy is finishing up in a few weeks and will be headed to work for Target Corporation.  If his performance there is anything like it has been here, his future is bright and unlimited.

Jimmy has been president of his fraternity – Beta Theta Pi.  He’s a member of the track team.  He’s been the Sphinx Club president.  He’s been the President of College Mentors for Kids.  He is a member of the Sons of Wabash.  And, he’s also found time to be a college student.

Jimmy is, of course, the guy I turned to when I needed to find the requirements for paint quantities for the Senior Bench.  I had the answer in less than 24 hours.

At this point, I am always asking myself if we can replace guys like Jimmy.  Thank goodness we can.  Regardless, Jimmy’s fingerprints are all over Wabash College and that’s a good thing.  Luck for Wabash, the Class of 2013 has many guys who have had the same kind of impact.