Alumni Basketball Game This Weekend

Good Hoops by the Legends

This coming Saturday, February 9, 2013, you can catch our basketball alumni in action.   Mac Petty Floor in Chadwick Court, tipoff set for 1:00 PM.

It’s great fun to watch round ballers from different eras take on each other in a Wabash-style way – they want to WIN!

After that game, stay for an important NCAC matchup with Kenyon.  Kenyon is currently 6-6 in the conference and Wabash is 5-7.  A win Saturday could be huge for the NCAC playoffs.

Some Great Little Giant Basketball Last Week

Houston Hodges’ Look Says It All

Wabash record on January 29th = 5 Wins and 14 Losses.

Wabash 52 – DePauw 48
Wabash 55 – Wooster (#8) 48

Neither game pretty…at one time in the Wooster game the score was 15-2 in favor of Wooster…but…the defense never stopped and the offense caught on…

For some Grunge photos, click here, here, here, and here.


Long In Our Hearts!


Laura Wysocki – Already Some Little Giant

Professor Laura Wysocki

Let’s cut straight to the chase scene.  Don’t read this any further.  Click here to go to the Wabash You Tube web site and watch Laura Wysocki’s Chapel talk.

She teaches Organic Chemistry.  She’s an athlete.  She loves to teach.  She loves the team and family concepts.  She believes that Wabash Always Fights.  She loves Wabash.  And she is, by the Grunge’s account, tougher than titanium nails.

If you look up “Get’s Wabash” in your Scarlet Funk and Wagnells, she’s pictured.

Footnote: She Crushed It! Standing “O”.

Enough…go…go watch it.  Like NOW!