These Guys Are Good!

Josh Estelle ’00

Everyone has seen the PGA commercials where someone says “These guys are good!” after you’ve watched several great golf shots.

I felt exactly the same way at the Alumni Basketball game last Saturday.

Wes Smith ’12

At one point in the game Wabash star Josh Estelle ’00 was guarding Wabash star Wes Smith ’12.  Friendly game?  It was….right up until the whistle blew…then it was game on!

Jeff Dickison ’85 was the senior partner…but you could not tell it.  Jeff brough the game, as did Paul Harper ’94 and Mike Crnkovich ’93.

Sharp shooting?  Absolutely.  Josh, Wes, Paul, Chase Haltom 10′, and Brady Claxton ’03 brought it.

Inside/outside game?  Sure – Jeff, Derek Bailey ’12, Joe DesJean’03, Mark Turpin ’09, Billy Powers ’12, and Rick Strasser ’02 all still had an “A” game.

Power inside game?  Mike, Andrew Zimmer ’08, Ben Burkett ’11, and Brian Maloney ’09 haven’t lost a step.

Best no-calls in the business?  Jon Pactor ’71 and his son Jacob ’04.

It seemed entirely appropriate that the game ended in a 66-66 tie.  Everybody won!

For photos from the game, click here.