Then There Were Three

Who Will Ring This Bell in the Fall?

The three Presidential candidates will visit campus this week.   We should know at the conclusion of the Trustee meeting later this month who will lead Wabash as the 16th President of the college.

Interesting times at Wabash.



Catch All The Action Live on the Wabash Web Site

Wabash Wrestling Will Be Broadcast Live

Our friends in Communications and Marketing have teamed up with Information Technology and the Media Center to bring you a host of live web broadcasts.  Here’s the information.

Between January 16 and February 7, the media center is scheduled for live web broadcasts ( of seven sporting events, across four sports (basketball, wrestling, track and field, and swimming and diving):

  • Wednesday, Jan. 16 – Basketball vs. Wittenberg University (7:30 p.m.)
  • Saturday, Jan. 19 – Indoor Track and Field – Wabash Invitational (noon)
  • Wednesday, Jan. 23 – Basketball vs. Ohio Wesleyan University (7:30 p.m.)
  • Friday, Jan. 25 – Swimming and Diving vs. Illinois Wesleyan (7 p.m.)
  • Wednesday, Jan. 30 – Basketball vs. DePauw University (7:30 p.m.)
  • Saturday, Feb. 2 – Basketball vs. The College of Wooster (2 p.m.)
  • Thursday, Feb. 7 – Wrestling vs. Manchester (6:30 p.m.)

These will be our first broadcasts for wresting and swimming and diving, and only the second for track and field.  All times are local (Crawfordsville) times.

Tune in!  Go Little Giants!


Happy Birthday – Steve Charles H’70

Steve Charles H’70

In my time as a staff member at Wabash, I have heard a lot of…”it”.  Sometimes good “it”…sometimes the other “it”.  The most “it” I have heard…and second is a long way behind…is that the Wabash Magazine is absolutely the best of the best.

I couldn’t agree more with that statement…my other favorite higher education institution has a very good magazine…and they should.  But I always find myself looking at it and thinking that our Steve Charles could have made it better.

Today is Steve’s birthday.  I don’t know how many and don’t care.  Steve is timeless…in many ways a reflection of the class he picked as his class here…the Class of 1970.  Many of that Class are legends…and certainly Steve is one as well.

I stand in constant awe of Steve’s ability to capture a theme and communicate it in a way even poor, dumb fighter pilots can understand.  Every time we talk, Steve drives me to think about things in a deeper and richer way.

And…best of all…he’s a trusted friend.

Happy Birthday Steve!


A “New” Tradition – Comps Pizza

Lots of Pizza! But we also had salads and dessert!

It’s a brand new “tradition” – formed the way all traditions are formed at Wabash – it happens!

The Annual Giving and Alumni Relations teams – under the leadership of Associate Dean Joe Klen ’97 and Mike Warren ’93 – came up with a great idea.  As the seniors transition our of written comps and into oral comps, let’s host a pizza dinner for them.  Many of the fraternity houses really aren’t fully up and running so it just made sense.  Plus, there’s some theory out there somewhere that pizza is fast-tracked to brain cell stimulation.

Will Arvin ’08 talks to a senior about comps as Associate Dean Joe Klen ’97 looks on

Biggest tip I heard throughout the evening?  If you’ve worked hard over your time at Wabash, you’ll be prepared.

A good crowd.


Steve Wildman ’71 – On His Way To Washington

Steve Wildman ’71

Alex Miller ’71 called the Grunge to me know that his pledge brother Steve Wildman is on his way to Washington to serve an eight month appointment as the chief economic advisor to the Federal Communications Commission.

Wildman takes a short leave from his current position at Michigan State University as the  Director of the Quello Center for Telecommunications Management and Law and Professor of Telecommunications Studies.

Steve holds an Economics degree from Wabash and a Masters and PhD from Stanford.  For more about Steve, click here.