Eric Wetzel – Doing What Wabash Professors Do Best

Professor Eric Wetzel

If you look Professor Eric Wetzel up on the Wabash web site, you’ll find out he is an Associate Professor of Biology.  That might be enough for anyone – certainly, given my Bio 1 grade, much more than ever possible for me!

But, with a little research, you’ll also quickly learn that Eric is an explorer and a game changer.  His blog is a great read.  Explorer is the easy part – what do I mean by game-changer?

Eric Wetzel wants our students to get out of their comfort zone, find a cause that turns them on, and go change the world.  Simply as that.  Rock their personal ecosystem.  Jump into something not just to learn about it but always with an eye toward making a difference…a better difference…a game-changing difference.  A better future for all mankind difference.

He said that all in Chapel…much better than I summarized.  Get on You Tube and check it out.  You won’t be disappointed.