Excellence Boys – Little Giants All Their Own

Excellence Boys & Wabash College

I know it’s tough to see, but both Ms. Nuzzo and Ms. Clark, and all of their young men at Excellence Boys in Brooklyn, NY, are wearing Wabash College shirts.  Their class has selected Wabash College as their school and every Friday they get a chance to wear Wabash stuff instead of their uniforms.

There are about 86,465, 312 reasons why this was the perfect card to get over the Holidays.  I’ll hit just one.

These young men are getting the opportunity to be better, stronger, difference makers because Ms. Nuzzo and Ms. Clark are leading that effort.  Sound familiar?  Isn’t that what happened to us?  Ben Rogge, Willis Johnson, Vic Powell, Hall Peebles, David Hadley, Aus Brooks, Melissa Butler, Bill Placher…and on and on…

I’ve made it my New Years resolution to keep pictures of Wabash College showing up at Excellence Boys as often as I can.  Wabash College is not a one and done…

You can find my new best friends here.