Melissa Butler H’85 – Some Little Giant

Melissa Butler H’85

A little later this week, Wabash will wish Melissa the best in her retirement.  She started teaching here in 1976.  That’s 37 years of teaching young men to think critically and outside the box, 37 years of mentoring and molding young men who go on to change the world, and 37 years of caring about the Wabash community.

Melissa has a nice place in Florida and my sense is her roots have grown deeper there with each stay.  However, I am equally sure her heart will remain forever rooted somewhere between Grant Street and Wabash Avenue in tiny little Crawfordsville.  She has invested deeply in the hearts and minds of many Wabash men and their families, and those investments will continue to bring positive returns for decades to come.

Thanks Melissa….from every single one of us.  You are indeed Some Little GIant!

Safe travels, my friend.