Tuition Free Day 2012

Greg Castanias ’87

Greg Castanias ’87, Wabash’s alumni board president, gave a Chapel talk yesterday entitled “Free”.  It will be on the College’s You Tube feed soon, if not already.

Greg’s talk was on Tuition Free Day.  This day occurs about 1/3 of the way through the college’s year.  Symbolically, it recognizes that funding the college’s operation to this point has been the monies provided by Wabash students and their families.  Past this point the college relies on the generosity of the college’s alumni and friends to keep going.  In other words, we count on our alumni and friends for 2/3s of our funding.

Greg told the story of his own college search and how critical his Honor Scholarship was.  Without it, he was headed elsewhere.  With it, Wabash was possible.  A familiar story.  Grunge has been there.

He then challenged the students to pick up the mantel and carry it forward.  Keep Wabash strong.  Keep Wabash providing a high quality education for young men.  Keep Wabash free from outside influence.

Freedom isn’t free – no matter how you slice it.

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