Hanover Tailgate was fun…and penalty free!

Tailgate at Hanover – a great crowd

We expected a good crowd…after all, the first game of the season and only a couple of hours down the road.  We weren’t disappointed.

We had a lot of fun and the weather cleared up, and cooled down, just in time.  Result – a great day for football.

The Little Giants played like…well…it was the first game of the season.  But a win is a win. For a few more photos of the tailgate, click here.

It’s 9/11…and the Bench is black

The Senior Bench

The College Republicans orchestrated a bench painting to help us remember that today is 9/11 and the terroist attacks that happened not so long ago.  Thanks guys.

I hope you’ll also pause today as we need to think of and thank the countless American families who have shared their sons and daughters with us in the never-ending fight to keep America free from terrorist attacks like 9/11.  This mission didn’t start in 2001…it’s been an ongoing mission for those of us who realize that freedom isn’t free.

The Senior Bench

Today, many of those sons and daughters serve far away from the comforts we take for granted…wish I was there.


While You Were Shopping

Tom Bambrey ’68, Judge Ted Todd ’61, Some Old Guy

So right before lunch in Madison Indiana last Friday, Carol, Roselie Bambrey, and Sherry Ross wonder into “The Floating Cow” – a small shop on the main street.  Tom Bambrey ’68 and the Grunge are there in case the credit cards overheat.  (Gary Ross had chosen a high heat, high humidity bike ride.)  The store owner, Marni Todd, see Grunge’s Wabash shirt and the conversation goes from there.

Wabash, are you…what class…my husband…Class of 1961…loved the Big Bash…still talking about it…will call my husband…he LOVES Wabash…

So, a few minutes later Judge Todd walks in and the Wabash stories just rolled on.  Judge Todd loves returning for Moot Court and is always impressed with the level of thought and communication by our guys.

“I am proud of a lot of things about Wabash”, Judge Todd said, “but right at the top is the way we have remained true to the liberal arts and true to providing a great education”.  I wish I would have had a video recorder at that point.

Yes, even the Grunge bought something at “The Floating Cow”!the van looked good parked right out front.

The Wabash Van at The Floating Cow

Top photo by CINC Grunge

Those Internships Pay Off!

Andrew Forrester ’11 In His “New” Office

The Grunge caught up with Andrew Forrester ’11, the Executive Director of Community Relations for the town of Madison, Indiana.  Andrew’s office is getting completely redone but he wanted me to see that the Wabash sheepskin was proudly displayed.

Andrew was offered a job while still a student – a good thing.  However, his boss at that point was merely a candidate for mayor.  Win…and you join the mayor’s management team.  Lose…and you join the employment line.

Andrew believed in what his boss wanted to do and signed on.  The mayor believed in Andrew because he had heard about Andrew’s demonstrated skills as an intern.  The mayoral candidate called Andrew…Andrew’s performance as an intern had set him apart.  You have to like the way this one unfolded.

And So It Begins…Again!

The Bench according to TKE

The ritual of multi-coats to the senior  bench is off and running.  Here’s yesterday’s paint scheme – a TKE original.  The “guards” appear to have a bottomless outfit on…but I am probably wrong.  I’ll check it out later today…unless there’s a fresh coat of paint!


Community Fair – Something for everyone

2012 Community Fair


If participation is any measure, the Community Fair today was a great success.  Put on by our friends in the Schroeder Center for Career Development, it brings our community together with our students in a friend-to-friend way.  Banks, places to eat, Churches, etc. all with the same message – you are a part of us.

Don’t tell my folks- please! I told them Wabash was HARD!

I kiddingly said to the lady that was giving the shoulder massage that I thought he was asleep – as you can see, he signaled the massage was exactly what he needed.

BTW – check out the SCC shirt…”Because One Day You’ll Graduate”