TKEs in 1962 – A Profile in Courage

Ken Schild ’66, David Ong ’65, and David Johnson ’63

Several TKE alumni were back on campus last weekend to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Wabash Chapter reappearing on campus.  The three men above took part in a panel that talk about the “early” days.  Professor Eric Dean’s name came up in every paragraph as a guiding hand and mentor.

The story begins with a strong friendship – one man, a member of a fraternity, wants his friend to have the same opportunity.  But the fraternities were not integrated back then.  A classic situation – wait for things to change or make a difference and change them.  “A” was the easiest answer – “B” was the choice!

And so a group of Wabash men brought TKE back to life.  Fully integrated and full of opportunity.  It took guts, vision, and determination…a Wabash profile in courage.